COUCHTAGJesse Reklaw’s graphic memoir, told through conceits like cat histories and card games, is about his childhood and involves family, death, mental illness, sex and drug use.┬áThe graphic novel is told in five parts: In “Thirteen Cats” (featured in The Best American Comics), Reklaw discovers coping mechanisms that mimic his family pets; “Toys I Love” relates the author’s pre-pubescent brushes with deviant sexual activity, and the way innocence converges with real sexual trauma; “The Fred Robinson Story” tells the story of Reklaw’s period stalking perfect strangers; “The Stacked Deck,” in which hereditary influences towards criminal behavior, drug use and depression are explored via card games the author played with his family; and “Lessoned,” a family history of mental illness.

noylcov216x329The second Slow Wave collection turns the dreams of strangers into the most insightful, humorous, and clever four-panel comic strips you have ever read. This hardcover volume captures the sublime pleasure of tumbling through the freewheeling narrative of our sleeping lives. Each strip is an adaptation of the many dreams submitted to Reklaw from all over the world, every one a unique and compelling journey into a landscape to which we all travel. The Night of Your Life is a testament to the ability of comics to illuminate the corridors of the imagination with wit, sincerity, and joy.


ttttd_book250x324This daily diary in comic book format candidly details the cartoonist’s lifestyle of inking, drinking, and anxious thinking. Like a mashup of Jim Davis and Franz Kafka, these dense yet economical strips document frustration, chronic pain, and all the filthy jokes that Jesse’s cartoon pals make. Plus there’s cute kitty cats and gags about lasagna. OK, just kidding about the lasagna.




applicant200x275See what no one was supposed to see again: pictures of hopeful students, accompanied by unflattering, behind-doors quotes from their professors and employers. Distills the essence of a bygone era from a dumpstered stash of confidential biology applicant files circa 1965-1975.




dreamtoons216x283Collecting the very best from the first three years of Slow Wave.
“Fascinating, strange, and hilarious!” — Roz Chast “Crisply drawn little surreal stories that seem eerily familiar. It’s smart, funny, and full of wacky non sequiturs.” — Bill Griffith





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